Hila Bichman, Naturopath ND – 22.11.2017
“On the recommendation of Ilanit from Mycolivia, I gave my patient Myco Digest. She is 36-year-old with Krohn’s Disease, suffers from many nutritional sensitivities, and has diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, and undigested food. In addition to a nutritional change (I put her on SCD and she was very careful to stick to the diet), she took a capsule of Myco Digest 3 times a day. After a month her condition improved, her bowel movements became regular, she had much less stomach discomfort, and was able to re-introduce some of the foods she had removed from her diet. In general, she felt much better and even managed to put on a bit of weight. My patient continued to take one to two capsules a day for another month. Excellent supplement, I warmly recommend!”
Rachel Niv – 18.01.2018
My name is Rachel Niv and I am 65 years old.For several years I suffered from severe Hot flashes that really ruined my quality of life and disturb me every day. Thank to your professional recommendation, I started taking the Myco Women capsules and the miracle happened. I hardly feel the Hot flashes and sanity is back in my life. You are welcome to use my recommendation and deliver my phone number to anyone who is interested. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Rachel
Orna – 18.01.2017
“Exactly a year ago, in January of 2016, I sat in a restaurant with my 35-year-old son Benny. My son had just undergone chemotherapy treatment at the hospital and we were discussing the situation and what we were facing. The treatments had begun taking their toll on my son and he was suffering weakness, nausea and extreme fatigue. Several days after that treatment, I became randomly aware of a company named Mycolivia whose medical mushrooms could aid in the relief of the debilitating side effects from chemotherapy. We set an appointment and met with the company’s naturopath to get an initial introduction.
At the meeting we received an in-depth, personal, mindful explanation to consider whether and how to incorporate the mushrooms in the conventional therapy. My son decided to go for it. We received a fair amount of Reishi Pure and Myco Therapic mushrooms and within just a few days the positive energy returned to my son. Food tasted better to him, his sleep became more restful and he was able to extend his game of paddleball that he loves so much from three minutes to a half an hour. No, not that my son’s hair didn’t fall out and not that the nausea has completely disappeared, but when you know that you have a tool to find and destroy cancer cells that can also stimulate the immune system, like the biological treatment currently provided in hospitals, it bolsters your mental fortitude. The following test showed significant improvement in white blood cells which are often weakened by chemotherapy treatment. Today, exactly one year later, my son is perfectly healthy, and we attribute an important part of his recovery to the mushrooms. An article that was given to us describing the function of the Reishi mushroom caused us to fall in love with it and today, we, the family regularly take the mushroom.”
Warm regards,
Yvette Solomon – naturopath, specialist in treating gastrointestinal conditions – 27.04.2017

“I want to give my testimony to the successful treatment following the use of Myco Digest. A patient came to me and I diagnosed her with a case of Helicobacter Pylori. She suffered for a long time with stomach aches, stomach discomfort, flatulence and bloating and was unable to lose weight. I instructed her on proper nutrition and gave her herbs and special juices. She took great care to follow all of the guidelines, lost weight and her stomach pain began to ease but did not disappear. When she finished her herb treatment, her severe stomach aches returned. So, I gave her the Myco Digest and a few days later she wrote me: [ Yvette, good morning. Almost afraid to say, but I have been three days without abdominal pain. Thank you!] 
She has remained symptom-free. I am very happy to see the rapid impact that the mushroom use has made.”

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