Formula Series

Myco Digest, Myco Therapic, Myco Women, Myco Executive, Myco Protect, Myco Biotics, Myco System

Mycolivia’s combined supplements are based on unique formulations, all of which have been studied and found to have a beneficial effect on various health conditions and quality of life. The series contain 7 products, specially designed compounds in capsule form, comprised of natural substances only, that work in synergy for maximum efficiency to support different conditions

Pure Series

Reishi Pure, Cordyceps Pure, Shiitake Pure, Maitake Pure, Hericium Pure, Trametes Pure, Agaricus Pure, Pleurotus Pure, Hericium Gold

Micolivia’s unique serious consists 8 types of mushroom species, each is 100% capsuled as a separate product for balance support in various stages of life. The series contains 8 products, as for the mushroom species we research. All in a capsule form consisting of the combination of mainly the extract of one specific mushroom together with some of its mushroom’s powder in each product. The series contains natural substances only

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