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Our presenters:

DR. SHARON – BSc, ND Naturopath. Head of Professional Division, Tel-Aviv, Israel

PROFESSOR  NACHUM is the Doctor Gastroenterologist and Nutritional Sciences Expert, Tel-Aviv, Israel

DOCTOR LARISA, MD is a department leader of nutrition, allergy and immunology. Limassol, Cyprus

Do you know right answers?

  • If I don’t have a family history of breast cancer, I won’t get it?
  • If I maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, eat healthy, and limit alcohol, I don’t have to worry about breast cancer?
  • Wearing a bra can cause breast cancer?
  • Consuming too much sugar causes breast cancer?
  • Annual mammograms guarantee that breast cancer will be found early?
  • Breast cancer always causes a lump you can feel?
  • Early-stage breast cancer rarely recurs?
  • All breast cancer is treated pretty much the same way?

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