Why mushrooms?

Recognition of the beneficial value, efficacy and safety of herbal preparations which have few, if any, negative side effects. Consumers worldwide have become aware of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and remain dedicated to this, even during periods of financial crisis. In truth, escalating prices, tighter budgets and the high costs of conventional healthcare have driven consumers towards the cheaper, healthier and safer options provided by alternative medicine and dietary supplements. In the consumer’s search for relief from physical and mental disorders, medicinal mushrooms have entered the picture.

Medicinal mushrooms are therapeutic as well as being a rich source of compounds that fight disease – Cancer, Alzheimer and Diabetes, to name just a few.

  • Vitamins, Omega-3, amino acids and many other dietary supplements that people often take can actually be found in our daily diet; this is not the case with the active beneficial ingredients that are to be found only in the Medicinal Mushroom.
  • Medicinal mushrooms are a progressively expanding market. The Reishi mushroom alone has an estimated market value of $5 billion/year, almost twice that of Omega-3.
  • The Medicinal mushrooms market – centered primarily in Japan, which has one of the world’s leading healthcare systems and an average lifespan of 86 years – has been estimated at $25 billion during 2012.
  • Humans and mushrooms are afflicted by many of the same diseases; that is why people can benefit from the mushrooms’ natural defense strategies, which produce antibiotics to fight infection.
  • Medicinal mushrooms contain all of the essential amino acids, thus are a good source of amino acids for vegans and vegetarians.
  • Medicinal mushrooms contain active pharmaceutical ingredients like statins, antibiotics and alkaloids.
  • Medicinal mushrooms are cultivated without pesticides or toxic chemicals, thus they are safe and have no negative side effects.
  • Medicinal mushrooms are recommended by not-for-profit health organizations worldwide, such as: the Japanese Health Department, the U.K. Institute of Cancer Research, the Chinese Ministry of Health, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation, to name just a few.
  • Extensive research shows that medicinal mushrooms produce anti-viral, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory compounds, thus indicating their therapeutic benefit in the fight against cancer, HIV, high cholesterol, infections as well as numerous diseases and ailments.
  • Medicinal mushrooms have long been documented for use all over the world – for five thousand years the Chinese and Japanese used Shiitake, Reishi and Trametes Versicolor mushrooms for medicinal purposes; tribes in Brazil used Agaricus Brasiliensis; in Russia the Chaga mushrooms were expensive and used only by royalty.
  • Medicinal mushrooms have been used in modern medicine since the days of ancient Greece
  • Mushroom-based prescription drugs are available in Japan, Australia, South Korea and China.


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